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Latest News and Events

New Lab Up and Running

09 May 2017
News imageOur new lab in Harbury nr Leamington Spa is now up and running, following our move from Ryton at the beginning of the year. We are happy to receive plant heatlh clinic samples and seed health testing samples at the new place. Less... Contact us...

Carrot field storage

28 Feb 2017
News imageWe are having an open afternoon from 2-4 pm at the Yorkshire trial site. A chance to see the different treatments and their impact on quality first hand. More... Click here for details

Carrot field storage - New report

17 Jan 2017
News imageOur report on the first year of AHDB-Horticulure project FV 398b that is loolking at alternative 'insulation' materials for carrot field storage is now available from the AHDB-Horticulture website. More... Download the report...

Onion neck rot report

15 Jun 2016
News imageOur report on onion neck rot pathogens and seed treatments can now be downloaded from the HDC website. Around 26% of 2015 commercial bulb onion seed lots were found to be infested with neck rot. Both of the main neck rot pathogens Botrytis aclada and B. More... Download the report...

Carrot field storage

01 Sep 2015
News imageMost UK carrots for winter/spring use are stored in situ in the field, covered with a thick layer of straw insulation. More... Full story....

Onion neck rot: seed infection, pathogens and treatments

01 Feb 2015
News imageHDC is funding Plant Health Solutions to investigate seed-borne neck rot in onions. Neck rot can cause significant losses in stored onions. It is mainly caused by two species of Botrytis: B. aclada, B. allii; that were previously lumped together as one species (B. allii). More... Full story....
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