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With over 25 years experience of leading applied and strategic research in agriculture and horticulture, and especially in the fields of plant pathology and microbiology, Plant Health Solutions can provide research and development for your microbial and plant disease problems, from small lab studies to large collaborative multi-site trials. Advice can also be provided on the statistical design, analysis and interpretation of your own trials/studies. Click here for examples of the current/latest projects.

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Dr. Steven Roberts has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Agricultural Science, a Ph.D in Plant Pathology and holds a BASIS certificate in Crop Protection (Commercial Horticulture). He can provide advice and consultancy services to growers, seed companies, consultants, organisations and governments. His expertise includes field and protected crops, ornamentals and tree fruit, plant health legislation and risk analysis. Dr Roberts has also been retained as an expert witness in cases of litigation involving seed health issues.

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Plant Clinic

Plant Health Solutions provides a diagnostic service for plant disease problems. Prices start from £60-00 per sample (without culturing) and £90-00 (with culturing). Click here for more information.

Seed Testing

Plant Health Solutions provides specialist seed health testing services for seed companies, seed suppliers, growers and consultants. Click here to go to the dedicated seed testing page for more information, or click here for examples of the types of test we offer.